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Helping Farmville Friends and Neighbors
Fertilizing Friends Crops

Fertilizing is important. Not only does it help your neighbors crops grow strong, it gives you coins and exp points. It will also earn you the "Crop Whisperer" series of ribbons which give you more coins and exp points.

How does farmville fertilizer work?
Farmville First Screen

Visit a neighbors farm by clicking on their icon at the bottom of the screen and selecting "Visit/Help Joe's Farm" from the pop up menu.

If you have not helped them recently you will see a message pop up. "Help me" scare away Crows, Gophers, Rake Leaves, etc.

After you click accept, the gophers, leaves, crows... will disappear and you will see a fertilizer bag icon (with a number 5) appear on the bottom left of your screen.

Move you mouse over some of the crop squares on your neighbors farm. If the cursor has a fertilizer bag attached you can fertilize that square. Keep moving around and fertilizing until all the bags are gone. So far I have been able to fertilize 5 squares every time I help a neighbor.

*** IMPORTANT *** Do not leave until you have fertilized.
  If you leave before you fertilize when you come back the bags will be gone!!!
Sometimes the fertilizer bags do not appear

At first I thought that the fertilizer showing up was random but it appears there are several factors that will prevent the bags from showing up.

  • There are no crops available on your neighbors farm to fertilize. If crops are fully grown or already fertilized they cannot be fertilized.
  • It appears that if your neighbor is at a low level their crops cannot be fertilized. I still need to check further on this.
Why can't some crops be fertilized
  It appears that crops that are 90% or more ready for harvest are not eligible to be fertilized,
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