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Farmville Tricks - GridClicker
Grid Clicker Box Me In Plant n Dig Macro
Gridclicker - the best tool ever created for Farmville

One of the things I dislike in farmvill is clicking on squares to plow, plant, and harvest, Clicking, clicking, clicking and more clicking.

If you want to harvest a 10x10 field, that's 100 clicks.
If you want to fallow the same land, that's another 100 clicks.
If you want to plant some seeds... another 100!

That's 300 clicks just for 1 cycle of harvest!!

What if there's a little tool that can do all those clicks for you?
That's what GridClicker is!

Someone has written a program specifically for Farmville so that we can spend less time clicking on fields and more time rearranging decorations and pet animals! Best of all it is absolutely free.

Here is a video of Gridclicker in action.

You can download GridClicker here
Some tips
  1. Move farmer out of the way before sending clicks

I have found that during the clicking frenzy, sometimes you (or the little farmer you on screen) would be in the way. When this happens the little farmer will be clicked on and the change clothes screen will be popped up. All the clicks after that will be ruined. So before you start sending the clicks, it is a good idea to move your farmer to the bottom of the field so that he/she is out of the way. I tried using the box me in trick but that caused problems with the grid clicking not activating every square.

2. Since you can't do full screen, ZOOM IN!

Gridclicker does not work in full screen mode fo rthe same reason that chat and other features do not. This makes it hard to position the grid. I have found that if I zoom to 150% I can get a 11x14 grid nicely on the screen.

To set the zoom level in Internet Explorer or Goolge Chrome,
use < ctrl + > to soom in and < ctrl - > to zoom out

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