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Farmville Vehicles
There are three vehicles that can be purchased in farmville. Each of these farmville vehicles helps you work the fields. Each of the farmville vehicles is used to perform a specific task.

The farmville tractor allows you to plow 2x2 plots with one click. This saves you clicking. You can purchase the farmville tractor from the market once you have reached level 12. The farmville tractor will cost you 30,000 coins.

When you purchase the tractor from the farmville market, it will have a full fuel tank. The fuel that comes with the farmville tractor will plow 150 plots. After that, you will either have to purchase more fuel or wait 6 hours for your tan to refill. If you planted a crop that takes 6 or more hours to be ready to harvest you will not need to buy fuel.

To plow with your tractor, click the tractor and click Plow in the tools menu

Farmville Seeder

The Seeder is used to plant your fields. You can plant four plots at a time with the Seeder. The Seeder will plant 150 fields before it runs out of fuel.

The Seeder can be purchased once you have reached level 14 and it will cost you 30,000 coins. To use the Seeder, click the Seeder and click Plant in the menu. The market will then open and you will need to select the seeds you want to plant. The market will then close and you can begin planting your fields.

The harvester will allow you to harvest 4 plots with one click. The harvester becomes available at level 13. The harvester costs 30,000 coins. To use the harvester, click it, and click Harvest in the menu that opens. Then begin harvesting your fields. As with the tractor above, you will receive fuel with the harvester. You can only harvest 150 plots and then you will have to wait for it to refuel or purchase more fuel. Farmville Harvester
Farmville Fuel There is an indicator that shows how much fuel is remaining in your vehicle. If you have reserve fuel cans it will be shown by the number below the fuel can.
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