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Farmville Trees
Trees make you more coin than it appears at first glance

Trees can be a very profitable and low maintenance crop in farmville. When you first look at the coins you receive from harvesting a tree versus the cost and days to harvest they do not look impressive. The truth is that trees can be very profitable for several reasons

Trees Per Plot
trees per plot

It is a bit hard to see in this picture but you are able to put 16 trees in the area of one plot. This means you need to sum up the coins received for 16 trees when you compare to other crops.

Farmville does not care that in real life crowding trees like this would be a problem. Not all the tress would get the sun and circulation they need.

The only down side to crowding trees like this is that it is hard to click on an individual tree come harvest time.

Farmville Trees Remain After Harvesting
  When you harvest a crop in farmville, say eggplants or berries, you need to re-plow the land, buy new seeds at the farmville market and plant those seeds. This requires both coins and work. On the other hand, with farmville trees, when you harvest them there is nothing to do and no additional cost. The trees just start growing the next crop.
Per square and over time, date trees are the most profitable you can plant, followed by pomegranate, banana, passion fruit, grapefruit, and lime. Any other trees are a waste of time/money unless you're going for the "Knock on Wood" ribbon, in which case you could plant cherry trees to harvest as often as possible.
Tree Cost Exp Hours Coins Coins/Hr Sell
Acai 27 farmcash 5 48 158 3.291667 47
Cherry 225 5 48 18 0.375 11
Apple 325 5 72 28 0.388889 16
Orange 425 5 96 40 0.416667 21
Plum 350 5 72 30 0.416667 17
Peach 500 5 96 47 0.489583 25
Lemon 475 5 72 41 0.569444 23
Lime 750 7 110 75 0.681818 37
Fig Gift 0 72 33 0.458333 18
Avocado Gift 0 72 37 0.513889 21
Apricot Gift 0 96 56 0.583333 30
Grapefruit Gift 0 72 50 0.694444 23
Banana Gift 0 72 56 0.777778 32
Passion Gift 0 110 93 0.845455 46
Pomegranate Gift 0 110 108 0.981818 53
Date Gift 0 72 69 0.958333 40
Olive Gift 0 96 112 1.166667 0
Grouping Farmville Trees for Easy Harvest
Farmville Trees

Planting farmville trees of the same type close together allows you to fit a lot of trees and still harvest them easily. You can see in the picture to the left that the pink cherry trees are one unit apart yet every tree is easily accessible. The same holds for all the other tree types.

Before I found this out I was having a hard time finding out which trees were ready to harvest.

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