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Grid Clicker Box Me In Plant n Dig Macro

Box Me In
  This is a great farmville facebook cheat. It is more of a trick than a cheat but is will help you harvest or plow faster. When you are plowing, planting, or harvesting, you have to wait for your farmer person to walk around to each square. This trick speeds things up.

Plant and Dig
  This farmville cheat will get you a lot of XP. If you have a lot of coins you can use this trick to gain tons of experience.

The best way to get Mystery Eggs

Mystery eggs can be valuable. When you harvest from a chicken coop you have a chance to get one. It appears from reading forums that the chance is pretty small.

The best way to get a mystery egg for sure is to sell you chicken coop and then buy another one. Each time you place a coop as a gift you will get a mystery egg.

  I will be adding more Farmville cheats and tricks all the time so make sure you check back. It is not really cheating it is talking advantage of certain feature of the game. Make sure you check out the rest of our farmville facebook guide

Make sure you plant the right crops

The Farmville crop you grow in depends on when you are going to be at you computer. If you grow a crop that is ready in 4 hours but you do not come back to play farmville for 8 hours, you will find a field of withered crops that is worth nothing when you return. Crops seem to wither in about the same time as they ripen.

Use our farmville crop table to be sure you are plnating the correct crops for you level. The farmville crop table on this site is more accurate than other tables you will find on the web for several reasons. The first thing you may notice about the table below is that the experience points are higher then what you see in farmville. Every farmville crop in this table is shown with one experience point higher because you get an experience point every time you plow. This gives you a more accurate XP/hr rate.

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Use Farmville Buildings to Gain XP and Harvest faster

Farmville buildings do make the property look nice but most buildings do not add much else. If you have the coins and the space, Farmville buildings do give the user some experience points whne they are placed on the farm. There are some new Farmville buildings that are actually functional.


Use Farmville Ribbons Gain XP faster

In Farmville, ribbons are given in four stages. The first being a yellow ribbon. The second is white ribbon, followed by red and blue ribbons. The table below shows what you need to do to earn a specific farmville ribbon and the rewards you receive.

The Farmville Ribbins Table helps you decide which ribbons to try to get first.


Know when your crops will be ready

When will my farmville crops be ready to harvest? That is the question on every farmville players mind. You need to know when you farmville crops will be ready to harves or you may come back to withered crops. This is expecially true for the farmville crops that ripen quickly like raspberries, bluberries, and other berries. Using this farmville crop harvest time calculator you can enter the percent ripe for all you crops, print out the results, and know when you need to get back to harvest.


Know your Farmvelli Levels

There are currently 70 levels on farmville. As you play the game, you gain experience points every time you plow a field, sow a crop, help a neighbor, or buy a building or decoration for your farm. These points accumulate and as they do, they bring you up to higher levels. So, the key to getting up through the levels is to do these things as often as you can. Levels are not related to farm coins, only to experience points. You can be at level fifteen and down to your last few coins, or you can be at level 6 and be quite well off. It all depends on how you manage your farm.


Getting Pretty Garden Ribbon in One Day

This is a great farmville tip. You can earn the yellow red, white, and blue "Pretty Garden" ribbons by placing flower bunches on your farm. The fastest way to earn all four ribbons is using the garden shed. It will cost you 142,500 coins by the time you are done. I did this in about 5-10 min.

  1. Buy a garden shed in the market for 30,000 coins, it comes with 10 flower bouquets.
  2. Place the garden shed, you will gain 1000 XP. Do not share the bouquets.
  3. Place all 10 bouquets on your farm.
  4. Sell the garden shed for 1,500 coins.
  5. Go to number 1.

You need to do this 5 times to get the blue ribbon.


For more facebook farmville tips, check out the rest of our site using the menu to the left. There are farmville tips for crops, farmville tips for animals. You can find farmville tips for trees and buildings. There are more farmville tips and farmville cheats on this some than on any other farmville quide on the web.

There are also farmville calculators and farmville crop spreadsheets on this farmville guide site. We are constantly updating the tips and cheats on this site co check back often. You can also follow farmville tips and ideas on facebook and twitter.

If you love farmville on facebook you will want to bookmark this Farmville Tips and Ideas site so you can get to it quickly.

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