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Adding Neighbors Safely (without sharing your info)
Finding and adding neighbors is one of the fastest ways to level up in Farmville. You need 50 friends to obtain the Local Celebrity blue ribbon which gives you 10,000 coin and 100xp. However, having plenty of Farmville neighbors has many other advantages as well. The more neighbors you have the more gifts you can receive, the more you will benefit by getting a bonus when they receive awards, and the more opportunities you will have to help your neighbors toward the Good Samartian ribbons. Plus, having friends in the game is just fun!

Unfortunately, adding people you don't know in Facebook also exposes your personal information, your profile, and your status updates. It wouldn't be very difficult for someone to pretend to play the game, get added as your friend, and steal all of your information and invade your privacy.
  • Open Facebook to your main page. On the left-hand side you should see lists (News Feed, etc.). Click the link on the bottom for "More".
  • The list should expand downward. Select "Create New List" at the bottom".
  • You should see a new window. Title your new list, "Farmville Neighboes not friends" or something like that.

After you have created your new list, select "Settings" on the top right of the page and select the dropdown for "Privacy Settings".


Now you should see the Privacy page. Select "Profile".


Select the dropdown box for each option and select "Customize...". The first option, "Profile", does not have this option so skip it.


Once you have selected "Customize..." you should see a new window. At the bottom it should read, "Except These People". In the box in this window type the name of the list you created in Step 3 and select the list.


Repeat this process for every option on the page EXCEPT "Wall Posts". Do not select Wall Posts or your Farmville neighbors will not be able to see your updates when you share your awards, ribbons, lost animals, etc.

Once you have customized every option except "Wall Posts", click the tab on the top of the paged titled "Contact Information".

Repeat steps 6-8 for every option on the Contact Information page.

Very Important: Whenever you add a new friend for Farmville before you confirm them, select the "Add To List..." dropdown and select the name of your list (chosen in Step 3). You must put them on this list for this to work!
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