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Helping Farmville Friends and Neighbors
Neighbors are Facebook Friends
  In the facebook game farmville, neighbors are facebook friends that you have invited to be your neighbors. If they accept your invitation to be a farmville neighbor they will show up in your neighbors panel at the bottom of the farmville screen. Neighbors must be a facebook friend. There is no other way to invite them.
Adding lots of Neighbors Without Sharing Information
  Having lots of neighbors is the best way to level up and expand. To do it safely follow these tips.
Helping Neighbors
All Neighbors are shown in the panel at the bottom of the farmville screen. By clicking on a neighbor from the bar, you open a menu that has an option to visit that friend. When visiting a friend you haven't done a job for that day you will get an offer to perform a job to help that player. Performing a job awards experience and money. Invite new friends from the INVITE page and invite friends to be neighbors from the MY NEIGHBORS page.
Fertilizing Friends Crops

When you help a neighbor you receive points. When you visit their farm you may be asked to help pick weeds, chase raccoons away, or some other task. Once the task is complete a fertilizer icon will appear and you cursor will have a fertilizer bag. You must fertilize before leaving or the bags will be gone when you come back.


Sending Gifts
  Sending gifts to neighbors is a great way to get gifts in return, Every time you send a gift there is a chance that a neighbor will return the favor. It is especially good if your neighbors are at a high level since they can send you better gifts. The most common gifts are trees, animals, and decorations.
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