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Farmville Levels

There are currently 70 levels on farmville. As you play the game, you gain experience points every time you plow a field, sow a crop, help a neighbor, or buy a building or decoration for your farm. These points accumulate and as they do, they bring you up to higher levels. So, the key to getting up through the levels is to do these things as often as you can. Levels are not related to farm coins, only to experience points. You can be at level fifteen and down to your last few coins, or you can be at level 6 and be quite well off. It all depends on how you manage your farm.

Avoid the temptation to buy trees, animals or buildings in the early stages of the game. Sure, they make your farm look pretty, but they're not very valuable for gaining experience points.

  • Help your neighbors. You gain five experience points each time you do.
  • Expand your farm as soon as you can afford to. This will give you more space to plow, plant and harvest, and you'll see your experience points rise much more quickly.
  • Earn ribbons. You are awarded these ribbons when you reach milestones along the way (such as helping a certain number of neighbors or harvesting from a certain number of animals). Each time you earn a new ribbon you are rewarded valuable experience points.
  • Plow, plant, delete. You plow a field, plant it with a crop that gives you the most experience points, and delete it immediately, then start the whole process again. It seems like a bit of a waste of farm coins, but there are fans who have done the math, and reckon it's worth their while to sacrifice some coins for the sake of moving up through the levels and gaining access to more goodies.
Level Name Points Buy Gift Sell Prize
1 Farmer 0 Strawberry, Eggplant, Wheat, Soybeans, Cherry, Apple, Orange, Cow, Barn, Hay bale. Fig Tree, Gravestone    
2 Kinder Farmer 30 Plum Tree, Dairy Farm, Hay Bale Plum Tree    
3 Amateur Farmer 60 Barrel Post Sign Posts    
4 Able Farmer 90 Squash, Peach Tree, Crate, Rest Tent Peach Tree, Chicken, Fertilize Friends Crops    
5 Handy Farmer 200 Pumpkins, White and Brown stools Avocado Trees    
6 Nimble Farmer 350 Artichokes, Mailbox Horse Trophy    
7 Savvy Farmer 550 Rice, Lemon Tree, Sheep, Butter Churn Hay Roll, Sheep Animals, Trees  
8 Fancy Farmer 800 Raspberries, Daffodils, Tools Shed, Wood Pile Apricot Tree    
9 Sophisticated Farmer 1300 Cotton, Cow Topiary, Bike, Wagon Bird Bath    
10 Splendid Farmer 1800 Lime Tree, Fruit Stand, Wood Fence, Picnic Set Lime Tree, Pig    
11 Farming Magician 2300 Bell Peppers, Stone Mailbox Grapefruit Tree    
12 Farming Wizard 2800 Peppers, Tractor, Pink Tractor, Fuel Refills (1,10,20,30) Rabbit    
13 Jolly Rancher 3300 Grain Silo, Harvester, Pink Fence, Wood Bench Goat Topiary    
14 Produce Professional 3900 Aloe Vera, Seeder, Fence (Black, Blue, Green, Dreadful) Banana Tree    
15 Professor of Agriculture 4500 Pineapple, Red Tulips, Workshop, Covered Wagons Duck    
16 Hot Shot Farmer 5500 Patty pan Squash, Pig Topiary, Lil Red Wagon      
17 Super Shovelor 6500 Blueberries, BBQ Passion Fruit Tree    
18 Super Grower 7500 Watermelon, Hay Wagon Goats    
19 Professional Plower 8500 Grapes, Cottages, Hedge, Bird House Bunny Topiary    
20 Green Giant 9500 Tomatoes, Pink Roses, Hedge, Arch, Barrel Wagon Date Tree    
21 Rockstar Farmer 11500 Potatoes, Lawnmower, Sandbox Horse    
22 Barnyard Behemoth 13500 Carrots, Windmills      
23 Magnificent Farmer 15500 Coffee, Water Pump Pomegranate Tree    
24 Cream of the Crop 17500 Corn, Log Cabin, Telephone Pole      
25 Sensational Sower 20500 Sunflowers, Hedge Gate, Light Post Elephant Topiary    
26 Sultan of Soil 25000 Ghost Chili, Farm House      
27 Thrill of the Till 30000 Cabbage, Iron Bench      
28 Master of the Pasture 35000 Green Tea Goose Topiary    
29 Sensation of the Plantation 40000 Blackberries      
30 Lord of the Plow 46000 Red Wheat, Lavender, Greenhouse      
31 Bastillion of the Barn 53000 Sugar Cane      
32 Ace of Acreage 61000 Peas Olive Tree    
33 Livestock Lord 69000 Yellow Mellon      
34 Practiced Farmer 78000 Onions, Villa      
35 Skilled Farmer 87000 Broccoli, Lillies Ostrich Topiary    
36 Green Ribbon Farmer 97000 Acorn Squash      
37 Clever Farmer 107000 Asparagus      
38 Great Farmer 117000        
39 Smart Farmer 127000        
40 Model Farmer 137000        
41 Frugal Farmer 147000        
42 Hot Shot Farmer 157000        
43 Proficient Farmer 167000        
44 Sophisticated Farmer 177000        
45 Accomplished Farmer 187000        
46 Brilliant Farmer 197000        
47 Prominent Farmer 207000        
48 Expert Farmer 217000        
49 Genius Farmer 227000        
50 Big League Farmer 237000        
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