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Farmville Illusions
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Stacking Hay Bales

Hay bale stacking is the most popular illusion in farmville. I think is adds a bit of realism to the farm.

The hay bale stacking illusion involves carefully placing bales so that it appears that they are stacked. They are no actually stacked but it sure looks like it.

You can see a video of this technique here.


Hay Bales Stacked

Hill Illusions
Pumpkin Hill

The illusion of a hill can be created by carefully placing fences and then plowing and planting crops.

Strategically Placing trees, animals, and decorations can add to the illusion.

In this example it appears that the pumpkins are planted on a hill.

House on a Hill
For this farm I used hedges to give the appearance of a raised area for the farmhouse. I used white hay bales for the front steps.
Farmville House on Hill
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