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Farmville Gifts
When playing farmville, you will periodically receive farmville gifts from your friends. You can send farmville gifts to your friends as well. While there are many farmville gifts, only a few of them are unlocked when you start the game. You need to level up to unlock more farmville gifts. Sending and receiving farmville gifts will get you and you neighnors coins and XP. Send your friends gifts often, and they'll be sure to return the favor!
How does gifting work?
  Sending farmville gifts to neighbors is a great way to get farmville gifts in return, Every time you send a farmville gift there is a chance that a neighbor will return the favor. It is especially good if your neighbors are at a higher level since they can send you better gifts. The most common gifts are trees, animals, and decorations. If you have friends at high levels they can send you valuable farmville gifts.
There are some items that can only be obtained as farmville gifts

The items that can only be obtained as farmville gifts include:

  • Chickens, Horse, Duck, Rabbit, Goat
  • Date Tree, Banana Tree, Apricot Tree, Pomegranate Tree, Olive Tree
  • Red Gazing Ball, Bird Bath, Hay Stack, Hay Roll
  • Goose Topiary, Elephant Topiary, Ostrich Topiary, Buffalo Topiary
  • Also certain seasonal gifts like Red Maple Tree, Maple Leaves...
Why can't I send a gift?
  You can only send a gift to an individual neighbor once a day or after they send one to you. If you have already sent a gift today and they have not sent one in return you will not be able to send then another gift.
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How do I send a farmville gift?

There are several ways to send a farmville gift. At times when you first launch the farmville application in facebook, the farmville gift screen appears and you can send a farmville gift to any of you facebook friends. If they are not already playing farmville they will have the opportunity to start and become you farmville neighbor.

Another way to send farmville gifts is to click on the Gift link at the top of the farmville application.

If you want to send a farmville gift to just one neighbor, you can click on their icon at the bottom of the application and then click on send gift.

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