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The Farmville Garden Shed
If you buy a Farmville Garden Shed, you have the ability to store your bouquets called "Perfect Bunches" in it. The Farmville garden shed can hold up to 30 bouquets.

Farmville garden sheds are purchasable for 30,000 Coins if you have 10 Neighbors, or 30 Farm Cash.

If you already have a garden shed on your farm you cannot buy another. You will see it is locked in the market.


garden shed market

Place your Farmville garden shed anywhere on you farm.

garden shed

When Harvesting Flower crops, there is a chance that you will receive a "Perfect Bunch", as indicated by small text that will appear above your avatars head.

Your Farmville garden shed can hold up to 30 bouquets. To share the bouquets that you have stored in your Garden Shed with your Neighbors, simply click the Garden Shed to open it.

Sharing and placing flowers
When you click on the garden shed you can open by selecting "look Inside". You can share bouquets by selecting share. If you select share, a pop-up will then allow you to post a feed on your wall. Depending on the number of bouquets you choose to share, the corresponding amount of your friends can click on this feed, and receive your Bouquet as a decoration that can be placed on their farm.

look inside

You can also take bouquets out of your Farmville garden shed and place them on your own Farm by selecting "Use". Placing lots of flower bunches on your farm will earn you the "Pretty Garden" Ribbon series.

Pretty Garden Ribbon

You can earn the yellow red, white, and blue "Pretty Garden" ribbons by placing flower bunches on your farm. The fastest way to earn all four ribbons is using the garden shed. It will cost you 142,500 coins by the time you are done. I did this in about 5-10 min.

  1. Buy a garden shed in the market for 30,000 coins, it comes with 10 flower bouquets.
  2. Place the garden shed, you will gain 1000 XP. Do not share the bouquets.
  3. Place all 10 bouquets on your farm.
  4. Sell the garden shed for 1,500 coins.
  5. Go to number 1.

You need to do this 5 times to get the blue ribbon.

Here is a chart of how many bunches you need to place and what the reward is.
Name Color Number Exp Coins Gift Share the Wealth
Pretty Garden Ribbon
Place Flower Bouquets
Yellow 5 25   Daffodils Bq 50 Coins
White 10 50   Red Tulips Bq 100 Coins
Red 25 100   Pink Rose Bq 250 Coins
Blue 50 250   Sunflower 500 Coins
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