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Farmville Expansions

Farmville expansions give you more land to plant, grow, and decorate. Farmville expansions are purchased from the market. The Farmville expansions become available as you add neighbors. You can also but them using Farmville Cash at any time.

This is an important question because a larger farm will yield more coins.and XP/hr. We checked with Zynga and found the following:

What are the requirements for Land Expansion?

The Land Expansions requirements are as follows:

Name Size Unlock
Homestead 14 x 14  
Family Farm 16 x 16 8 Neighbors, 10,000 coins OR 20 Farm Cash.
Big Family Farm 18 x 18 13 Neighbors and 50,000 coins OR 20 Farm Cash
Plantation 20 x 20 16 Neighbors and 75,000 coins OR 20 Farm Cash
Big Ole Plantation 22 x 22 20 Neighbors and 250,000 coins OR 30 Farm Cash
Mighty Plantation 24 x 24 30 Neighbors and 500,000 coins OR 60 Farm Cash

When will there be more Land Expansions?
  Currently, there is no ETA as to when future Land Expansions will be unlocked as our developers are still fine tuning future releases. FarmVille developers have been wonderful about releasing content and expansions in a timely manner thus far. Hopefully we will see more Land Expansion in the near future. Until then, we will have to be patient.

Can I just skip the first expansions and purchase later upgrades? Or do I have to buy the expansions in order?
  Unfortunately, you must purchase the Land Expansions in order. That means if you wish to upgrade to 16 x 16, you must have already purchased the 14 x 14 expansion.

But I want to expand my farm now Why aren’t all of the expansions released at once?

I know everyone is eager to get more Land Expansion as quick as possible, but you need to remember that content releases are scheduled like this for a reason. If our developers were to release all of the content available for FarmVille all at once, or in the incorrect order, we would have fun for a few weeks/months, but then our users would soon be looking for more new content.

As such, developers release content in a specific order due to reasons the community cannot always be privy to. While it may make sense to you guys how things should be released, that does not always mean it is feasible, or in line with the developers vision for FarmVille. Just because we release new buildings/decorations, does not mean our developers have stopped working on other features of the game. Keep in mind, developing certain aspects of a game can take considerably longer than others.

In order to keep FarmVille from getting stale, and to ensure that our content releases are all polished and fully operational, they will take time and may be released in an order that might not make sense to our users.

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