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Why Add Decorations?
  There are several reasons to add decorations to you farm in farmville. First is to make it look nice when you neighbors come to visit and help. The second reason to add decorations in farmville is to gain experience points
Gaining Experience Points
  Every time you add a decoration to your farm in farmville you gain experience points. Every decoration has a different XP value. Some of the highest XP/cost items are the different hay bails.
Helping Neighbors Level Up
  Sending neighbors decorations will help them level up. Gifts are the best way to get decorations in farmville because they do not cost anything,
Leveling Up With Hay Bales
  If you need 100 or so points to level up, hay bales would be the way to go. Hay bales only cost 100 coins in FarmVille and you will get 5 XPs for each hay bale you purchase. So, in order to get your 100 XPs, you would need to purchase 20 hay bales. 20 hay bales at 100 coins each would put you at spending 2,000 coins.
Leveling Up with Larger Items
  If you need more than 100 XPs and do not want to purchase all of those hay bales, you may want to consider going with the larger items. The larger items will cost you a bit more, but you won't have hay bales every where. If you are purchasing items just to level up, make sure that you have plenty of money to blow. If you do not have money to blow, simply plow, plant, harvest, and visit neighbors to level up. Below you will find some of the larger decoration items that will earn you high amounts of XPs
Barrel Wagon
  The Barrel Wagon will give you 40 XPs when you purchase it. The cost of the Barrel Wagon is 4,000 coins. Again, buying the hay bales would be a lot cheaper than purchasing a Barrel Wagon just to level up. You could purchase 8 hay bales to get the same amount of XPs as the barrel wagon
Small Pond
  The small pond will cost you 5,000 coins and you will receive 50 XPs. So, if you need to level up by 50 or so XPs and don't want to buy a lot of hay bales, you could purchase a pond to place on your farm. However, you would save money by purchasing hay bales instead of the small pond.
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