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Farmville Dairy Barn
The dairy barn is the first functional farmville building. The dairy barn was introduced to farmville gamers in October. It holds 20 cows and allows them to be harvested all at once. This saves valuable space on the farm as 20 cows would take up much more room than the dairy farm.
Farmville Dairy Barn

In order to purchase the Dairy Farm in FarmVille with coins, you will need to have 8 friends added as neighbors. The dairy barn costs 10,000 coins. The alternative is to pay $20 in farmville cash. If I did not have enough friends I would probably hold off and use my farmville cash for expansions. A larger farm is more valuable than a dairy barn.

Quick Harvest Trick
  The first cow you put into the dairy barn determines the % ready of that dairy barn. This means that if you empty the barn and then put in a cow that is 100% ready, the barn will be 100% ready. Then you can put on a bunch of 0% ready cows and after you get them all in there you can harvest the whole barn. If you keep a bunch of 100% ready cows outside the bard you can repeat this over and over.
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