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Farmville Crop Mastery

Crop Mastery is unlocked after reaching level 10. Once unlocked, you will see stars under the picture of each crop type in the farmvill market window. The stars will fill in gold as you reach each level of crop mastery for that type of crop.

How Does it work?
Farmvill Crop Mastery

There are 3 levels of crop mastery to achieve for each plant type. Every plot you harvest of a crop gives you a crop mastery point for that crop.

Each crop has an amount of harvests needed to reach each level. The number of plants you need to harvest is determined mainly on the time it takes to grow. For example to achieve level one for strawberries (a 4 hour crop) you need to harvest 500. To achieve Level one for Water melon (a 4 Day crop) you need to harvest 100

  We have included the crop mastery required harvest to our crop table.
Crop Mastery level 3

Once you have achieved Level 3 mastery of a crop, there is a chance that any crop of that type planted in the future will be a “Premium” Crop. A Premium Crop will appear larger than other crops, and will provide you with additional XP when it is harvested! See listing below for ammounts.

All crops after mastering level 3 will have the chance of having premium crops grown. Initial reports show that the amount of premium crops is anywhere from 15 to 50%

On the Completion of Level 3 you gain a Mastery Sign. It will appear in your gift box.

How many more harvests do I need for each crop?
There is a small meter under the stars for each seed type in the farmville market window. If you move you cursor over teh meter it will show you how many more harvests you need to reach the next level of mastery. As you can see here, I have 435 out of 6450 harvests to reach level 3 crop mastery for tomaties. mastery points
Mastered Crop Bonus XP
  • 1 XP harvest :

Acorn Squash, Aloe Vera, Asparagus, Black Berries, Blueberries, Carrotts, Coffee, Cranberries, Ghost Chili, Green Tea, Onion, Pattypan Squash, Pumpkin, Raspberries, Rice, Sugar Cane, Strawberries, Tomatoes.

  • 2 XP harvest :

Grapes, Peas, Peppers, Soybeans, Sunflowers.

  • 4 XP harvest :

Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Cabbage, Eggplant, Pineapples, Squash.

  • 6 XP harvest :

Corn, Cotton, Daffodills, Lavender, Lillies, Pink Roses, Potatoes, Red Tulips, Red Wheat, Wheat, Morning Glory.

  • 8 XP harvest :

Artichokes, Watermelon, Yellow Melon.

  Visit the crop table page to help plan youe farmville crop planting.
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