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Farmville Crop Time Remaining Calculator
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The Current Date and Time in Farmville is
When are my crops going to be ready to harvest?
Use this harvest time calculator to find out. The results are approximate since they are based on percentage. Results for crops with shorter harvest times are more accurate.
Crop Harvest Time 1% Accuracy
Raspberries 2 Hrs. 1.2 min Results accurate to within 1.2 min
Wheat 3 Days 41 min Results accurate to within 41 min
Select a crop and enter a percent to see harvest times.
You must tab to next field to update values
Crop Percent Time Remaining Time Finished
  *** This calculator uses the 23 hour farmville day to give you an accurate result.
When will my farmville crops be ready to harvest? That is the question on every farmville players mind. You need to know when you farmville crops will be ready to harves or you may come back to withered crops. This is expecially true for the farmville crops that ripen quickly like raspberries, bluberries, and other berries. Using this farmville crop harvest time calculator you can enter the percent ripe for all you crops, print out the results, and know when you need to get back to harvest.
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