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Farmville Chicken Coop
Farmville has introduced the Chicken Coop as a new farmville building. This building allows you to put 20 chickens inside and harvest them all at once. This is similar to the dairy barn that was recently introduced.

Farmville Chicken Coop

Farmville introduced the Chicken Coop as a farmville building. This building allows you to put 20 chickens inside and harvest them all at once.

Putting chickens in a farmville chicken coop saves space and also allows you to harvest 20 chickens at one time.

In order to purchase the Chicken Coop in FarmVille with coins, you will need 5,000 coins.

There is a limit of one chicken coop on a farm because as soon as you place a chicken coop the icon changes to locked with "Limit 1" So it you are wondering why your farmville chicken coop locked, now you know why.

It is not a neighbor thing because I have lots of neighbors. Perhaps they will open it up to having more coops at some point in the future.

Chicken Coop Locked

Finding Eggs
Before the chicken coop, the only way to get chickens was to have them gifted to you. Now you will find occasionally find special eggs or "mystery eggs" in your coop. When you find the eggs you can "Share the Wealth" so you friends will have more chickens as well.
Found Chicken Egg

All your friends will get the message that you found some Mystery Eggs and can click on "Hatch an egg" When you click on Hatch and egg you will receive one of the gifts listed below. If you hatch a White Mystery egg you will get a chicken coop if you do not already have one placed on your farm.

After you place chickens in your coop and they are 100% ready you will find occasionally find special eggs or "mystery eggs" when you harvest them.

Different Color Mystery Eggs
Here is a breakdown of what you may find in different color mystery eggs.
  Premium White Mystery Eggs:
Chicken Coop (If you don't have one already)
White Chicken
Brown Chicken
Garden Gnome
Pink Flamingo

Brown Mystery Eggs
Brown Chicken
Black Chicken
1 Fuel refill

Black Mystery Eggs
Black Chicken
Golden Chicken
10 Fuel Refills

Golden Mystery Eggs
Golden Chicken
Tree Swing
Hot Tub
Fire Pit
Golden Gnome
20 Fuel Refills

The best way to get Farmville Mystery Eggs

When you harvest from a chicken coop you have a chance to get a mystery egg however it appears from reading forums that the chance is pretty small.

The best way to get a mystery egg for sure is:

  1. Sell your chicken coop if you have one placed on the farm. Be sure to remove all the chickens first.
  2. Buy another chicken coop.
  3. Each time you place a chicken coop on the farm you will get mystery eggs that you can share.
Coins Per Hour per Plot with the chicken coop
Coop and Chix

At first it appears you will loose significant profit per plot when you place a chicken coop because it takes up the area of almost two plots.

You can fit 16 chickens on a plot or 32 on 2 plots. You can fit one chicken coop with 20 chickens on 2 plots. That is a loss of 12 chickens. Being able to harvest 20 chickens with one click makes it worth it. Then there's the mystery eggs.

Then I noticed I could put 9 chickens around the coop so that means I only loose 3.

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