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Farmville Cash
  Farmville cash differs from Farmville coins in several ways. First is that you earn Farmville cash at a much slower rate. You start out with 5 Farmville cash dollars. You earn 1 Farmville cash dollar every time you level up. That is all.
  Some people have stated that you earn a farmville cash dollar when plowing and a gold coin pops up. This is not true. When you dig up a gold coin you get a 100 coin bonus and nothing more.

So the only way to get more farmville cash is to

  1. Level up and get 1 FarmVille cash dollar.
  2. Buy Farmville cash with real money using a credit card or paypal
  3. Complete special offers on the "Add coins and cash" page.
  There are some farmville cash offers that are free with no obligation and others that require you to subscribe to services. Read all offers carefully and make sure you are not signing up for a service that you don't really want or need.
Buying cash with real money
Farmville Cash For some reason people are against doing this and complain that Zynga is evil for encouraging you to do this my offering nice upgrades for cash only. I don't see how this is any different than going to a store and buying a game for $29-$59 real dollars. When you look at the price for farmville cash it is really not that bad.
  Paying $20 for 115 farmville cash will get you 115 farmville dollars. That will buy you a lot of expansions, buildings, and special items. I have paid more than that for games at the game store.
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Earning Farmville Cash through Special Offers

It appears this method may have been removed. I know there were a lot of complaints that people were signing up for service without knowing it by entering there mobile number, or giving a credit card number and then not remembering to cancel the free trial.

To me it feels much safer to pay $5 for farmville cash than to spend an afternoon filling our surveys. I am not sure what your time is worth but buying the cash is much easier and less risky. If you end up paying $9.99 a month for a service you forgot to cancel on time you will be out more real money.

On the other hand I was considering signing up for NetFlix anyway so getting farmville cash for doing so would have been nice.

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