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Farmville Co-Op Guide

The new farmville co-op system allows formers to work together with their neighbors. It is all about completing tasks as quickly as possible. First the folks in farmville will ask for help in completing farming jobs. You can post a message on your wall to recruit neighbors to help get the job done. You need to grow enough crops before the time expires. The faster you finish, the bigger your ultimate reward.

You may access the Co-Op Farming Function by clicking on its new icon designated in your toolbar. Once you click this icon you will be able to see your neighbor requests for help, current jobs, job history, and Ribbons earned. Because of the addition of the new Co-Op farming icon, the red "Delete Tool" icon has been moved to the "Multi" button.

How to Decide What Job to Join

Before joining a co-op job you should look at a few things.

  1. How much time is left on the job and how much has been seeded/harvested so far. If there is not a lot of time left and not enough has been seeded/harvested there is a chance the job will fail and you will not get any bonus coins or XP.
  2. What is the total XP and Coin reward for the job
  3. How long do the crops needed take to be ready for harvesting.
  4. How many members are in the co-op. If it is early it is OK if there are not a lot of members but if the job is more than half way through and there are only one or two members, chance of success are diminished.

This screen shows all farmville co-op jobs available to join. You can see the reward and the time remaining for each job on this screen. Kepp in mind that the reward shown is if th gold medal is achieved. If the group finishes the job in gold medal time, there is a bonus prize (shown in the table below)

If you click the join button it will show you the stats on that job. You have the opportunity to cancel after viewing the stats so don't worry about clicking join.

When you click join you will see the status of this farmville co-op job. In the screen below you can see that the job has been 100% seeded with plenty of time left. This job will most likely receive the gold medal since pumpkins take 8 hours to ripen and there are 12 hours remaining. The only thing that could jeopardize it is if member do not harvest their pumpkins in time.
farmvile co-op
  Hours to achieve  
Job Coins XP Gold Silver Bronze Crops(count) Time Prize
Very Berry 866 983 48 72 96 Cranberries(1,000), Grapes(750) 10, 23 School Bus Plow
Tossin Tomatoes 449 509 16 24 36 Tomatoes(1,300) 8 Circus Elephant or
Clown Game
Frantic for Flowers 904 1038 48 72 96 Tulips(1,500) 23 Wedding Gazebo
Stirring Things Up 866 983 48 72 96 Rice(750),
Peppers(500), Soybeans(500)
12, 23, 23 Mini Pagoda
Fassion Bug 846 958 48 72 96 Grapes(1,275) 23 Grape Sheep
Pumpkin Pie
O' Pleanty
462 527 16 24 36 Pumpkins(1,400) 8 Cafe Statue
Pack O'Pickled Paty Pans 619 708 31 48 72 Paty Pan Squash(1,500) 16 Mail Truck
Town Greening 516 589 24 36 54 Morning Glory(1,450) 12 FV Monument
Rice Paper 450 515 19 27 46 Rice (1.200) 12  
Baby Bunnie Rescue 495 590 23 34 56 Carrots (1.350) 12  
Hottest Chili in Town 486 572 23 34 56 Tomatoes (600), Onion(300),
Ghost Chili(800)
Peanut Butter ands Jelly 620 745 30 46 75 Peanuts(800), Strawberries(1,200)    
Tea Party 455 535 19 27 46 Green Tea(1,000),
Sugar Cane(250)
Farmville Co-Op Ribbon Rewards

The Co-Op function will also include its own set of Ribbon rewards to earn. Additionally you will be able to earn Gold, Silver, or Bronze statuses. The following Ribbons can be achieved through Co-Op farming:

  • Employee of the Month Ribbon- Every job that you help a friend complete will earn a Gold medal and counts towards this ribbon.
  • Fabulous Foreman Ribbon- Every job that you start that gets completed with a Gold medal will count towards this ribbon.
  • Best of the Rest Ribbon- Every job that gets you the MVP award counts toward this ribbon. MVPs contribute the highest percentage of work toward completion.
Comming Soon
Days Left Hours Left Minutes Left Job Gold Silver Bronze
Additional Information
Cooperative farming ventures are short term 2 to 4 day jobs where several neighbors of the person starting a project raise crops to reach a common goal. One way you might learn of a project is when a neighbor posts to your newsfeed via FarmVille. You'll see a message on your newsfeed saying "name of neighbor" wants friends to help with their cooperative. For example: "Please help me plant grapes". To join the effort you'd click on "join this coop".

Another way to discover which coop jobs are available is from the main game screen. In the tools menu the third item (just above the gift box) lets you find out which of your neighbors are taking the lead role. You can look through the tasks and pick one you know you can help complete within the time limit. Or, if you feel like leading one of the projects you can do that.

It's good to know the total number of plots you have on your farm so you can calculate which coop task to join. You will also want to keep in mind when your current crop will be harvested. Takes a bit of thought.

After you've joined a coop, you plant whatever crop is needed, on your OWN farm, just like you normally would plant. When it matures you harvest it just as you would normally. Your part of the group effort brings you a reward of XP when the last person in the effort completes the harvest of the crop. Most of the tasks provide about 500 to 950 XP to each person who helped raise the crops for the job on their own farm. A very small quantity of coins is also part of the reward. (They ought to fix that and make it proportional.)

Important: If you are the person who completes the job, please remember to click "Share" or your neighbors will not receive the XP and coin bonus.

These are short term things and once you've picked up the reward for your part of the group effort, you are free to join another, with the same people, a mixture of new and old, or with another group of people if you wish. The jobs last about 2 to 4 days. Not all the people in the coop need to be neighbors, only the person who starts the particular coop job.

For example, one of the task requires raising 1275 grapes, to produce dye. This probably will require at least 3 people (more likely 4 or 5, depending on how many plots can be planted by each person) working on each of their own farms to harvest enough grapes in the 2 or 3 day period allowed. How quickly the work is completed determines the XP reward. There are three levels of rewards, Gold, Silver and Bronze with more bonus XP for getting the task done quickly.

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