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Well St. Patrick's day is just around the corner and the folks a Zynga have brought the luck of the Irish to us with the Pot of Gold feature.

Gold is available for free as a giftable item, and can be traded in for exclusive St. Patrick's Day themed gifts. You'll be able to send gold to your friends who will add it to their pot and vice versa. If you can't wait, you can purchase a Gold Chunk for 5 FarmVille Cash, which will increase your pot by 5 pieces of gold.

Farmville Pot of Gold Much like the Valentine's Day event from February, the goal is to fill up your pot (which you can find in your gift box) by collecting gold pieces from friends. Once you have a certain number of pieces, you can redeem them for special limited edition items.
If you want to give FarmVille friends a piece of gold, all you have to do is open the Free Gift menu and send them one of five new gold items -- a gold bar, gold nugget, gold bear, gold coin and gold chain.
Farmville Send Gold
Here are some of the prizes you fins in your Farmville Pot of Gold:
Farmville Pot of Gold Prizes
Check back soon for an updated list.
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