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Farmville Trick - Box Me In
Box in the Farmer
When you are plowing, planting, or harvesting, you have to wait for your farmer person to walk around to each square. This trick speeds things up.
  1. Move your farmer to an open area of the farm.
  2. Place four objects around the farmer so that he/she is boxed in. Hay bales work great for this.
  3. Now go click on items to harvest them, plow. or plant.
  4. You will see the action complete without having to wait for the farmer to walk to the spot.
Here you can see I have boxed in the farmer. Hay bales work well because you can set up an area of hay bales with a nook for the farmer to stand in. You just click on that spo and the farmer will move there. Now all you need to do is move one hay bale in front of him an voila, he is boxed in. Now you can harvest crops, trees and animals without the farmer getting in the way or slowing you down. boxed farmer

Box in Your Crops
Another version of this trick is to box in your crops. If there is no path to get to the crops you do not have to wait for the farmer to walt to them to harvest them, I have dome this with trees, crops, and animals. It really speeds things up.
boxed in ckix Here you can see that I have boxed in my chickens. Not only does it allow you to harvest them faster, it also eliminates another problem I was having. When the farmer would move to harvest the chickens, he would get in the way of clicking on the other chickens. The eliminates that problem as well.

***** Best Version of Box Me In *****
This is the best version of the box me in trick yet. Here is how to set it up.
  1. When you come to you farm you farmer is always in the same spot. If your farmer is not in that spot, leave by visiting someone and come back.
  2. Clear the space where your farmer is standing.
  3. Place hay bales around you farmer

Now when ever you come to your farm your farmer will already be boxed in! This also works for your neighbors that are visiting to help on your farm. They will arrive boxed in and can fertilize very quickly!

Box Me In

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