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Welcome to Farmville Tips and Ideas
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This site provides tips on the FaceBook game FarmVille. Farmville is a great facebook game you can play with your facebook friends. This is not really a cheat guide or walkthrough so much as it is a guide with tips to do the right things in farmville.

In the facebook game Farmville, you start out as a farmer with a small plot of land and a few crops and a few types of seeds to choose from. As you play farmville on facebook, you gain experience points which will up your level. With each level up you have more seed types, animals, buildings, and decorations to choose from.

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Gettin' Started
If you're fixin to play farmville you will want to read this before you start so that you get off on the right foot. Make sure you look at our oops page before you start playing.
Farmville First Screen

When you come to FarmVille for the first time you find yourself standing in the middle of your farm. There are six plots, two of which are ready to harvest. You harvest crops by clicking on them. When you harvest crops you receive farmville coins.

After you harvest the crops you need to plow the plots and plant new seeds. You select the plow tool and click the plot square to plow it. You can also plow new (green) squares to make them plantable.

Once you have some squares plowed you need to plant your seeds.

Farmvile Seeda

It is important that you understand how crops work in farmville before planting. Some crops take longer to become ready to harvest than others. Some are ready in hours while others can take up to 4 days to ripen. That is four real days. I made the mistake of planting all wheat as my first crop and could not do much for three days. What I should have planted were strawberries which are ready in 4 hours.

To learn more about crops in farmville check out our
crops page

more farmville crops Since you need to use coins to pay for plowing and seeds, it will take a while to develop a productive farm. Just keep plowing squares and planting seeds as often as possible. Most of you farm should be for crops so make sure you lay it out with plots close together.
As you move up in levels in farmville, you unlock certain items like seeds, trees, animals.You are able to plant more types of crops and trees. Some of these new crops will give you more coins when you harvest them.
As you progress you can add animals, buildings, trees, fences, and decorations. Here is an example of a well laid out farm that maximizes the use of the land. You will notice that trees and animals are on the far side so they are not in the way of harvesting crops.
Here is another nicely laid out farmville farm.This farm has more decorations such as hedges, fences, arches, a barn.
I will be adding more to farmville tips to this intro page on the facebook game farmville. We hope you enjoy playing farmville as much a we do. There are other facebook social games but farmville is one of the best. We hope the farmville tips in this guide will help you have the best farmville experience. Using this guide you should be bale to grow your farm pretty quickly. Make sure you follow the tips on our crops page to maximize your coins per hour.

Be sure to visit all our farmville guide pages. They are more like farmville tips than farmville cheats. I know a lot of people are looking for farmville cheats but if you want to play the game without cheating then this farmville guide will help you gain coins and XP quickly which will help you expand and beautify your farm. Some of the tips seem like farmville cheats but they are really tips to get things done quicker. For example the chicken coop cheat helps you get mystery eggs quickly. The farmville garden shed cheats allow you to get the pretty garden ribbon quickly. These farmville cheats are perfectly legal. You are just taking advantage of features in the game to get things done quicker.

I created a wordpress site where you can comment on postings. I want to get a farmville forum up and running on this site.


If you want to build your Farmville Farm to its fullest potential, you will have to really focus on experience. Experience points need to be supplemented and synergystically combined with other activities. For example making improvements to your farm is a great way to gain experience points as well as putting up decorations or structures. Always be aware of how much experience points each activity brings to maximize your yield.

You should also take experience points into consideration when deciding which crops to plant. Crops that take less than a day to grow only yield 1 experience point, while crops that take longer yield 2. That doesn’t mean you only want to plant crops that offer 2 experience points however. If you can get back and harvest them as soon as they’re ready, crops like strawberries will get you more than 2 experience points a day because you can harvest them every 4 hours.

Experience points also need to be taken into account when deciding which crops to plant. The amount of time it takes for crops to grow/harvest is important in deciding which to plant. Just because a crop pays more experience points doesn’t mean its worth planting if it takes too long to grow. Many crops like strawberries that can harvested readily can earn you tons of experience points because of how quickly they grow.

You have to be on top of your harvesting and planting cycles in order to make progress this way though. Putting up buildings on your farm remains the best way to get big boosts in your experience quickly. Save up your cash for those, and you’ll be well on your way to unlocking all of the available items in FarmVille.


The simple method of raising your experience count so as to complete the game levels by farming. By farming we mean plowing, planting and harvesting of the fully grown crops. Now since the experience count is dependent on farming, so the more you farm the more experience you gather. But for more farming you need more plots, as you will be provided with only one 16*16 plot in the beginning. Some can think of using FarmVille cheats (which doesn't exist) but this can also be done by unlocking the larger plots in the Market place. Now for unlocking these items you just have to simply increase your number of neighbors. With more neighbors you can buy more plots from the Market place, thus eliminating the need of the non existing FarmVille cheats.

Another problem which online farmers may face is what crop to buy and plant in their ploughed land. This also has a simple solution and it can be done with a simple strategy. If you are a daily user then crops with not more than 24 hours maturity time is the best buy. While if you are little irregular then choose something with higher maturity rate. Moreover, before choosing a crop to yield you must take a peek to the experience that it will earn. So keeping both the parameters in mind you can efficiently farm and cross the game levels.

Crops grow and ripen at various times. There is no way to stop the crops from growing while you are away from your computer. Plant the crops that take longer to grow when you go away from your computer for a while. If you are planning on being away from your computer for 8 hours try planting tomatoes, pumpkins, or sugar cane. All of these items are available at different levels and they can really make the difference in rotting fruit. This saves money and time from clearing rotted crops.

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